The EcoModZHC project consists of a Proof-of-Concept project, in which it is intended to implement a prototype of Constructed Wetland (CW) to demonstrate the effectiveness of recovery of urban and industrial wastewater through modular systems, promote the circular economy of water and solid waste or industrial solid by-products, and disseminate this greener and more sustainable wastewater treatment technology. 

The prototype to be built, installed and operated will include two innovative features in this type of wastewater treatment facility: 

- Remote, constant and real-time monitoring of the operation of the installation and the performance parameters and quality of the treated water; 

- The energy autonomy of the installation, through renewable energy systems. 

The proposed solution, in addition to demonstrating the concept effectiveness in its technical aspect, also aims to sensitize municipal decision-makers and entrepreneurs to the ability of CWs to contribute to the Circular Economy, climate change mitigation, and the protection of water resources and the environment.  

In addition to the environmental added value, economic added value is emerging for the use and recovery of industrial waste for the filling of CWs, for the reduction of installation, operation and maintenance costs compared to conventional wastewater treatment systems, and also of the potential to take advantage of treated water for various purposes, such as reuse in industrial processes,  the watering of green spaces, the washing of equipment and spaces, or the reserve for firefighting, among others uses. 


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The sensor network operation test phase was successfully completed.

Sensors are installed for water parameters (temperature, pH, electrical conductivity, turbidity, and estimation of chemical oxygen demand), and for ambient air parameters (temperature, relative humidity, velocity), light radiation intensity, and precipitation.

Testing of an integrated set of water composition sensors, including nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus compounds), is underway.

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Conference ESRE 2023, VIenna, Austria

The project team will participate in the ESRE 2023 (5th International Conference on Environmental Sciences and Renewable Energy), held at Vienna between June 19 to 21.

Conference E&S 2023, Burgas, Bulgaria

The research team will participate in the E&S 2023 (32nd International Conference on Ecology & Safety), held at Burgas, Bulgaria between August 14 to 17.

Conference CC&CS 2023, Chania, Greece

A communication presenting results of the EcoModZHC project was been accepted for oral presentation in the International Conference "Closed Cycles and the Circular Society 2023: The Power of Ecological Engineering", to be held at Chania, Greece, between 1st and the 5th of October 2023.

Workshop EcoModZHC - Urban uses - 27th june 2023 - 10h30

On June 27, at 10:30 am, in the Q102 auditorium of the IPT campus in Tomar, a presentation session of the EcoModZHC project will be held, aimed at municipalities, wastewater sanitation management entities, and other public entities, with the collaboration of the Intermunicipal Community of the Middle Tagus (CIMT).

Workshop EcoModZHC - Industrial uses - 27th June 2023 - 15h30

On June 27, at 15:30 am, in the Q102 auditorium of the IPT campus in Tomar, a presentation session of the EcoModZHC project will be held, aimed at industrial companies, with the support of the NERSANT.